“Members only” Vs. non-members

Hi Y‘all!

So “members only” have special advantages & resources...yes...

that said...if you look at some items like the Hooters E-Gift Cards from last month....we actually have to complete several tasks before we can access this E-Gift Card....while non-members can simply use their we have to do more work for the same benefit... ...

(not that you give a.... HOOT!...LOL)  😉 ....ha!

....go figure!

Take care ☮️ ~Allen 🌈


“Members only” Vs. non-members“Members only” Vs. non-membersComplete the Exercise ....blah blah blahComplete the Exercise ....blah blah blah

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Most rewards through AARP are a farce.


They had a coupon book operated under the Rewards Program in conjunction with The Entertainment Book where most of the places in the book, restaurants in particular, either didn't accept the coupons, or they were unaware that they were in any AARP discount program.


My favorite was a coupon that first appeared in the Rewards Program for greens fees for a local golf course. Remember "first appeared".


When I tried to make use of this "Reward", I found:

(1) The course had been closed for a year.

(2) The course was surrounded by chain link fencing.

(3) The course was composed of weeds, trash, and decaying buildings.

(4) The course was closed because its owners had been involved in illegal activities.

(5) The course was closed by court order due to these illegal activities.


Remember, #1 through #5 occurred before the REWARDS COUPON "first appeared" in the REWARDS PROGRAM.

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