Can someone please clarify how print magazine subscription works?

I ordered a one-year print magazine subscription using points and received a "Thanks for redeeming!" email confirming the subscription.  The text portion of the email said, "This is a confirmation of your recent points redemption from our members-only section. Exclusive rewards are just one more way you can make your membership work for you. Click below to access your reward. Enjoy!" and it was followed by order specifics (order #, date ordered, item info and # of points redeemed.  Below that was a big red "Get your reward" button. Upon clicking that button, I was taken to a page that did not show the magazine I ordered, but another group of magazines and looked like it was actually an invitation to order additional magazines.  Is there anything I need to do to kick off my print subscription to one magazine for which I already redeemed points?  I was assuming they were going to use the address info from my AARP membership since they didn't ask for an address during the redemption.

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@LaurieB352812 Once you complete your redemption, you will receive an email with directions to place your order for the magazine. Be sure to click the "Get Your Reward" button to complete the order. Once you complete the order, you can expect to receive your first print issue within 3-10 weeks. While you wait for your hard copy, you will also be able to enjoy access to the current digital issue. 

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