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Barclay Credit Card Cash Back for Restaurants



One of the reasons I got an AARP credit card is that it gives 3% cash back for restaurants.  The packet I received today regarding the switch from Chase to Barclays indicates that restaurants are no longer in the 3% cash back category.  I am very disappointed.  Is there anything AARP can do to get Barclay to add restaurants to the 3% cash back category?





Absolutely agree! I enjoy dining out and the 3% cash back for restaurants was a major plus. I'll have to consider dropping the card.


Yup.Drop Bartly’s!!

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We monitor all programs on a continuous basis and make every effort to provide unique benefits, and quality service. We apologize for any frustration you may have encountered with Barclay. Please know that your feedback is welcomed, and we appreciate you bringing this to our attention as we use this information to make constant improvements within our company as well as reviews with our providers. All complaints or concerns pertaining to what is offered through our providers is noted for review by our board as well as the providers themselves. We want to apologize for this less than ideal situation and I can assure you that this will be reviewed.

Totally agree. Chase has a freedom card that 3% on restaurants. Also, we now have to change all our on line accounts that use the old Aarp card.

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Thanks LakeishaT901230.  Can an updated reply be posted after my comment is reviewed by the board?

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