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Who was your opponent in Breakout?

If you loved tennis-themed Pong, you probably also loved Breakout! A game with up to two players, who do you remember playing with? In the legendary rival between Bjorn Borg and John McEnroe, who did you root for?

I played it by myself. I played other games with a friend from down the street - until we moved. Now that I’m 40 years older than when I played Breakout, I play World of Warcraft with thousands of other players when I have the time (and don’t have to go to the arcade to do it). How time and technology flies!

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Breakout was great too and it was in COLOR as well! I loved it! But I mostly played Breakout by myself because I hated waiting for my next turn. I was a young adult when those games came out as home consoles so I didn't have to share it much. I could play as much as I liked on my own. And I wasn't a big tennis fan so I didn't root for either.

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Move the paddle horizontally to keep the ball in play, as it bounces off the paddle and the walls to destroy the bricks over it. Don't let the ball fall off the screen, or you lose a life. Your goal is to destroy all of the bricks. Members, play Atari Breakout on AARP Games today!

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