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how to encourage wife to fight anxiety


how to encourage wife to fight anxiety

I have witnessed my wife go from an active, busy woman to a fearful, unmotivated, person. Now it is progressed to her not even caring for herself and experiencing weight loss, which she cannot afford to lose. She has had numerous (4) eye surgeries this past year and blames them for her anxiety. I cannot get her to do anything and I have tried walking, music, talking  and encouraging her to see a therapist. Her primary care doctor just wants to give her prescriptions for drugs and we don't want to do that. Any recommendations on sparking her ambition? 

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Community Manager

Hi @TomO565894 - I'm sorry you are going through this. I imagine it has to be quite difficult. We all can lose our joy from time to time. It sounds like your wife has lost her joy. I recommend calling the SAMHSA hotline for guidance and support.


Some ideas that may help in the meantime:

  • Take a moment with your wife each day to express gratitude. Name one thing you are both thankful for.
  • Carve out time to pursue a passion or something new that sparks joy, even if it's only 15-20 minutes. Ask your wife what she would like to do and be patient as she may not know right away.
  • Start a daily mindfulness practice together. There are a lot of guided meditations online that can help your wife to focus on being present.
  • Take time to go outside every day. Reconnecting with nature can be quite healing. Be patient with this as well as it may take some time for your wife to feel motivated to do this. Maybe start with opening a window so she can feel the breeze and smell the outdoors, or having her sit in a sunny spot so she can feel the sun warming her.

I hope you are able to get help and that your wife can find her joy and meaning again. Sending you comfort as you navigate this road 💜

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