Does anyone know of a case where a 92-yr-old w/ dementia got dentures and adapted well?

My mother is pretty healthy, other than moderate dementia.  They want to extract her 24 remaining teeth under local anesthesia and fit her with dentures.  She can enjoy food now and is not in pain.  She does have some worn-out dental work, recently lost a crown) and had an abscess in February.  I’m afraid this would cause her to have a downward spiral in both health and morale. She is happy and I want her to stay happy.  Any similar experiences (positive or negative) to share?  Thank you.  

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Does anyone have any tips or anecdotes to share with @jeanm325627? Please reply if you do!


First of all, I'm not a medical or dental professional, but it's always been my understanding that it's best for people to keep their natural teeth for as long as possible. Did the dentist give an explanation for this treatment plan? Does your mother have many bad cavities now? If your mother's remaining teeth are healthy and she is still able to eat and drink without any issues, yet her dentist is recommending full extractions and dentures, I would get another opinion.


Another thing to consider - if they are offering extractions and then molding for the dentures that same day, the dentures will likely never fit quite right and may be uncomfortable for your mother. Dentists offer that option so that folks don't have to go without teeth for very long, but for the best fit, it's best to take the molds when the gums have fully healed.

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Great advice, Rachel!!!   👍


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