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AARP Now with Google Fit for AARP Rewards

Recently, I saw that we could now pair up AARP Now with Google Fit to fulfill the exercise part of AARP Rewards, which should let us earn points and meet goals without buying a special activity tracker.

The article gave a few steps on how to download and pair the two, but I can't seem to pair them.

I have an Android cell phone. I already have AARP Now app loaded on it. I also already have Google Fit and have been using it for quite a while.

I cannot seem to find a way to pair the two. Does anybody have knowledge about steps I could take to get these paired and start earning points for AARP Rewards? Do I need to remove them and reload them? Can pairing be done from a hidden link in one or the other of the apps? The instructions in the article seemed to be missing steps, at least for pairing in my situation.

He'p me! He'p me! 😎

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I unraveled the instructions on my own through the questions and answers for Google Fit.


The instructions in the first item for activating Google Fit are incomplete. They would require only a few simple changes to make them useful.


This is my suggestion for rewriting the two paragraphs:


Download and install the Google Fit app and allow it to track your activity.

Don't worry. The setup walks you through the steps when you open the Google Fit app the first time.


Next, in AARP Now, go to the "Account" tab in the top navigation and open AARP Rewards. In AARP Rewards, select "Sync a fitness tracker." Select one of the fitness trackers and log in to your respective account.


Mine should be set up for tracking on Google Fit, now that I figured out what I was missing in the instructions. These instructions could be improved even more, but I think my minimal changes are necessary for understanding what to do.


Stay well and enjoy!


P.S. Thanks to whoever set up our tracking through Google Fit, since many of us already have that or can get it on our cell phones.


Thank you! The directions on the AARP webpage were horribly insufficient. "The app." What app? 🙂 

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Thanks for info @Brightpool 😁

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