Toy Chest Mahjong. Highest score is 12,00+. Is there a strategy or am I just slow hand/eye coordin

I can never complete any of the levels within time allowance.


My highest score is about 17,500.  I can often get in the 15,000 and 16,000 range without using any strategy.  I have had some games where I completely crushed it on speed, but only got about 13,000, and some games where I barely cleared all of the tiles before the time limit and got 16,000.  I think the really high scores require some strategy of which pairs to match in succession.  I'm still working on getting my speed up, so that I will feel more comfortable looking for better sequences than others.  I usually use a desktop computer with a mouse, and it is myt experience that you need better coordination than if you use a tablet with a touchscreen.  I've tried it on my phone, and it works surprisingly well considering how small the tiles are.  Bottom line, I think you can get more points by getting more trophies.

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