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Re: Question about Daily Deal Sneak Peek

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I have watched that box for a long time now and can find no rhyme or reason to the order of what's there.   What's there might come up eventually but don't count on it anytime soon.  In other words, don't bother looking at it.  

If something sells out, another item appears the next day.  When it's gone, it's gone.  Something desirable is gone within a split second.  High cost items frequently remain until the next day.  

Good luck!   I've been on the site for years now and have gotten one daily deal.  It was a thrill after trying for so long.

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Re: Question about Daily Deal Sneak Peek

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It's frustrating to not even be able to get into the site to see what the daily deal is.  The only way is to get in is to do it at least 20 minutes before it starts,--half hour is better.  It's frustrating!!

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Re: Question about Daily Deal Sneak Peek

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These Sneak Peeks aren’t in any order. They are just listings of what’s to come in the week. If you are receiving the weekly Reward for Good emails those actually list each week’s daily deals so that you can plan to watch out for the deals assigned to each day.

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Question about Daily Deal Sneak Peek

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A couple of questions:


  1. When reviewing the list of Daily Deal Sneak Peek offers, are the offers in sequence they'll appear at 3p ET? (ie, first offer is first to display)
  2. Will more than one of the Daily Deal Sneak Peek offers be available the same day? (ie, I'm interested in a gift card that is 3d in the Daily Deal Sneak Peek list. Will it be offered the same day if the first 2 offers sell out? Or will it be offered in 3 days?)

Thanks, in advance, for factually correct information. If there are links that answer my questions, please provide them.

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