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I add "my two cents" on several different social media platforms.


I have never seen a platform unused to the extent of this platform. Page after page of original posts with ZERO, ONE, OR TWO responses.


When I get involved in a discussion on another platform, say Nextdoor, it is not uncommon to have responses numbering 70-100 in number in no time at all.


For AARP to have millions of members and have such a disused social platform means they have a real problem.


Is it because of the restrictiveness of the Guidelines and Terms of Service?


Is it the actions of those that control the input to the social platform itself?


I don't know.


It just seems strange to me that so many people "belong" to AARP but page after page after page of original postings garner literally no responses.


Any thoughts on the subject, anyone?

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Good point to make. Everyone has good points on this in their replies. I don't think many know of the forums in general. I happened to find discussions and then decided to join AARP. At the bottom of the page with links and the site map page, I don't think there is a mention of the general community. There is a list of specific typed communities. It isn't promoted well.

Another thing is that some forums may need instruction on joining in the activity or discussion. Like Bingo. There is not a starting nor explanation of joining. Like most forums would have a "sticky", a note that stays at the top explaining whatever is need to play. Or else I am just to stupid to have noticed anything that was there somewhere? Since I found this community I have been looking at nearly all choices.

A lot of people need to have this outlet, even if just to read. 

How do we encourage AARP to promote this better on the whole site?  How do you get input on types of forums people might want ?


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@Vexed That's a great name to go by.  I'm, vexed too.  You bring up great points.  I have been contributing for about a year, and I find it frustrating that there are very few that  1) are on this site at all.  2) respond to posts 3)  will post a question.  I have been consistently contributing posts, (but due to a loss in the family ) off for nearly a month, and the forums I go to have nearly no new material.


Have posed the question many times to find out what material, topic, forum etc. people are interested in, and I get the sound of crickets.  My posts are now going to be less frequent.  It's easy to get burnt out and frustrated.  We need MORE PEOPLE to come to the site, and then to participate!  

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Sorry for your loss. Small words, but heartfelt. Welcome back. 

I am unsure of how to go about increasing interest in participating or increasing available avenues of topics, if others like you are not having success. I am still a newbie, but interested in the community.

Don't be less frequent. We need the participation.  How do I find peoples posts I like to read, check or possibly reply (other than just reading everything)? I have figured out bookmarking a thread. 

Thanks, I like my name. Yours is great also.

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@Vexed Thank you so much, I appreciate that.  I just did trial and error, one forum at a time, until I found a handful I enjoyed.  


It's times like this, I wish I had a magic wand to get more traffic in the on-line community.  Will continue to pop in and out when I come up with something I want to post.  

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Maybe this is the new AARP Community Board - GAMES, REWARDS, ROCK N ROLL, CHIT-CHAT


Seems to me that if they could segregate the GAMES, REWARDS, ROCK N ROLL from the rest of the boards they want to keep going, it would at least allow people to see what else is going on in Boards like Medicare and Insurance, Social Security, even Caregiving.


I do think they want to control the conversation to some extent so we have to be careful in our wording.  I think you and I have done pretty well in this respect - i.e. the tread on the Post Office.


I have come to believe that AARP Community Board participants are not interested in things that, IMO, affect them like legislation on specific subjects - Is it that they don't care one way or the other???   

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@nctarheel You bring up a good point.  I think many people don't even know about this particular forum.  Maybe they just look at the current topics "trending" and gravitate to that.  Along with their little niche of a few they check regularly.  In the bigger picture, there are not a lot of people in the on-line community in general. Those that are, I think only a small percent respond to posts.  Then there is a tiny percent that actually post.  Whenever I see a "newbie", I take the time to welcome them to the community. We want to encourage people to log in regularly, with hopes of them actively participating.  But clearly, that is not happening,  otherwise there would be higher numbers.  


Of course there is the question of content.  Are people interested in what is being posted regularly? 


There is a level of intimidation or fear of posting/responding and having someone be unkind.  It's ok to disagree ( that's what makes discussions interesting ) but is it being done in a respectful manner? 


One more, ego, are people fearful of posting something and getting no response?  I've had a number of my posts get no response.  Guess what, that's life.  Not everything we post is going to be a homerun.  Also, just recently figured out for myself, you can delete your post very easily if no one has responded. 


Okay, long enough, off my soapbox.   

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@Rhymesometimes wrote:

@nctarheel You bring up a good point.  I think many people don't even know about this particular forum.

I wasn't just citing this particular forum. If you look at any of AARP'S forums, the same thing exists.


Original posts, then no responses.


That tells me something is wrong with AARP'S forums.


After all, with millions of members, even if .0000001% of the members wrote a response, you'd have more than what you see on each of the forums at AARP'S web site.

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@nctarheel I remember you mentioning that stat before, and it really is sad we don't see more traffic in the community. Specific question, why aren't we retaining the "newbies?" I know I go through periods where I get a bit burnt out on the forums  myself, because so little activity or interesting topics.

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Seems to be a lot of interest and post on the things that many of the remaining participants like here - SONGS, ROCK N ROLL, GAMES, REWARDS and REDEMPTIONS, various CHIT-CHAT, etc.


Maybe it is some of us who are in the wrong place with whatever we want to have a discussion about on this Board.  


Even the AARP Administration here has to offer some type of Reward for reading or participating in a questionnaire on things that affect the membership age group or other seniors.  Medicare, Social Security, etc.


So my conclusion is,  they don't care unless they have a (personal- oriented) question.  Even after an answer, if they get one, we usually never hear from them again - not a Thanks or any further comment.  Once and Done.

Maybe many of them only like to play games or earn rewards on their devices.

Maybe many of them aren't that technologically advanced in posting or communicating.

Where are they coming from ?  Are they new 50+ years old still active in their work and family life?  Are they somewhat older and may be posting from their place of residence - assisted living.  Seems many of them are close to 65 - and have questions about Medicare.  Or when to go on Social Security - early, right on time or delayed.  Or who gets what type of benefit and when.

So there is a wide age group here, with different interest spurring their participation - different strokes for different folks - 


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Summertime it tends to slow down on all AARP boards but, to outright ban some groups , it may have sounded a death knell?


Ask again after the hurricanes or blizzards hit🤣



And yes, after long days/nights, I'd still like to swing these hunks of glass , plastic and silicon against the nearest wall Come on retirement!
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