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Driver safety course - online vs. classroom

Hello, just joined and posting my first message here. I would love anyone's thoughts/experiences on the online AARP Smart Driver course vs. the classroom experience. Thanks!


i am not able to get the on line course. it dosen't work to type "i agree'








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Hi @JMC657650  I figured I'd reply here as well, so that anyone reading this later will have my answer. 🙂


DH and I both took the online class through this site using the AARP discount. The class was convenient, efficient and painless. While I took the class 2 years ago (and so need to do it again to renew my auto insurance discount) DH took the class last month. In both cases we received the certificate of completion immediately via email and sent that along to our insurance agent. 


Our insurance company gives a discount for 2 years after completion of the course.



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Thanks so much for your reply (and the kudos)! I'm curious — apart from the insurance discount, how did you benefit from the course? What, if any, changes did you make in your driving as a result? 

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Quite welcome. 🙂


Well, besides using it to teach my dear lead foot hubby to slow the heck down ... uh ... 🙂 I learned about all the ways we older people do dumb stuff that gets us killed in traffic. Like left hand turns. Big no-no, as we lose the ability to acurately perceive how fast oncoming cars are travelling and thus turn in front of them and get clobbered for our bad timing.


And it talked about newer road signs and their meanings. 


The course also talks quite a bit about when to stop driving. Which I thought was a good thing. I have an in-law who needed to stop driving and that gave us the tools/information to help him finally turn over the keys.


So I think it is a good and painless way to brush up on recent changes, to fine tune safe driving behaviors and to test your basic knowledge.


I'm not yet 60, some would say excessively active and in perfect health, so I didn't need to use the tip about how to set up your automobile to fit your changing needs, though those bits were certainly interesting.


Hope this is helpful. 


"The key to success is to keep growing in all areas of life - mental, emotional, spiritual, as well as physical." Julius Erving
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Thanks, Epster! Sounds like a good course. I've been down that route with parents/in-laws too. 😉 I am also in my fifties and want to freshen up my skills and head off potential problems.  


I've been waiting for over 30 minutes for the next "expert" to help me with a login issue.  REDICULOUS!!!.


I found the in class experience to be painless from a technology point of  view.  However, you may have an instructor like I did who did alot of complaining about how we seniors are treated - to a shoute of amens from the participants.  I thought that this was not helpful in understanding how to deal with the difficulties we face as we age.  I would have preferred to have them talk about strategies.


Other than that, I wish I'd just signed up for the in person class.

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