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I find that the POLITICAL FORUM was the most energetic of the forums in the entire community.


Most of the subjects on these discussion boards are not only boring but extremely boring.


Who wants to see 1,400 songs that are about weather or;


Who wants to get financial advice from someone they don't even know has their best interest at heart.




The POLITICAL FORUM was anything but DULL.


Just because it was adversarial was no reason for its demise.

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I'm not sure that "energetic" is the word I would use to describe some of the conversations and I don't miss too many of the members in the political forums mainly because of their inability to discuss the issues without attacking and judging others simply because they dared to voice a different point of view.  That's what discussions are all about.  I do miss being able to have discussions other then most of the topics that are on here now...and I agree...most are dull and boring, to me 🙂  I have found other sites that aren't so cancel culture oriented and STILL believe in this country.  Yep even with it's flaws the USA is still THE GREATEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD! 🇱🇷 👍 Try going to other countries and saying and doing what so many are allowed in this country right now.  Seriously.


I agree, most of the posts on AARP are nothing but fluff now...but I guess that was their goal.  Sadly no discussion of very important issues, that affect us all, are allowed.


I agree that because it was adversarial was no reason for shutting it down but it's gotten to where too many don't want to upset the easily offended, the woke or cancel culture etc.  Yet even AARP continues to perpetuate all of that including the critical race theory.  We need to speak up, out and loud against it all.



Never Look Down on Anybody...Unless You Are Helping Them Up. 🙂
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Discussing issues has never been restricted here and you can still discuss issues - I have and still do.  Just posted about (2) just today.

Issues are the things that affect us.  Problem is and was, some folks cannot separate the issues from the politics (and the politicians).   So few here, if any, ever add to the discussion - our independent views on issues and why we feel that way with info should never be shut down.

I like to talk about issues - but that maybe because I keep up with many of them, especially on certain subjects.  I try to look at the problem and the solution(s) being proposed, not just an immediate cure or fix but for the very long term how they might work.



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Sort of miss it but found other interests to spend my time . I`m afraid AARP  has been  intimidated by WOKE and political correctness so the political forum may never return. The far left now has the power to shut down a lot that they don`t like -Too Bad.

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It is on the far right as well. Being WOKE or politically correct has become a problem because it is used as a weapon to shut down discussion in an open-minded fashion. 

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As a conservative I felt battered, always on the defense, frequently suspended. Without a doubt it was ruled by liberals and from my perspective even the moderators were biased.  

Right out of the gate I was suspended from Reddit and could only reapply in 3 mos. Don't see that happening.  

I have returned to MarketWatch ( a paid subscription) as virtually ALL posters are conservative and myopically focused on economy, financial returns, appropriateness of policies that affect both.  

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I still haven`t been ban on Reddit but they seem more flexible then AARP forum . An old AARP member  even posted a cuss word and as far I know still isn`t banned. We shall see but hope you come back to Reddit.


I am new to this site.

Several months ago, the Indianapolis Star ran a series of articles about mismanagement of money that was intended for Indiana nursing homes (they actually won a journalism award for their efforts).

Indiana is 48th in the nation for care of seniors who are in nursing homes.  Although I have read articles on the AARP website about covid and its affect on residents of nursing homes, I haven't read anything that addressed the issues in the newspaper articles.  Specifically the diversion of millions of dollars.  

I have sent an email to Indiana AARP with no response.  I would like to know what AARP is doing to address this issue.

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It was a great place for opinions, good or bad. It was also a great way to fight misinformation. We need it back!

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@postman29    Well come to Reddit. we have a wondeerful forum and is extremely poppulated.

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Thank you for your reply, @postman29.


Over 160 views with one reply just tells me that viewers are afraid to post a response for fear of Moderator action. This, of course, was one of the issues relating to the demise of the POLITICAL FORUM.

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No I don;t miss it. How could you  every time I would post something it was like political warfare. There was no discussion just a group of people clamping down on your opinions like theres  were the only opinions that count. The name calling  the ganging up left no room for dialog just brow beating. As I stated before you guys brought this on yourselves Apparently the site got complaints and your written words were used against you. maybe some day you will be back but in the mean time maybe your group should practice humility OMG isnt that what your group preaches  only saying...................

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