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Re: Cancel Auto Renew

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First let us apologize for any frustration you are experiencing.  We are aware that some mailings inadvertently had this included error.  We have verified your auto renew will not auto renew in March as the letter stated.  If you would like to discuss this with someone directly, please call our membership number at 1-888-687-2277 and they can provide additional information for you.


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Cancel Auto Renew

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How do I cancel auto renew?

AARP is always pushing for early payment, months prior to the actual renewal date. The latest ploy is that, although I'm not scheduled to have my upcoming renewal deducted from my account automatically until March 30th, the last day of my membership via auto renew, I got a letter in the first week of January saying the credit card on file is due to expire before the auto renewal date (Not true. It's good until August of 2020). They ask me to update my info so the amount can be deducted on March 31st as planned. I updated my info, which was simply retyping what was already there, and within 2 hours the $16 was deducted from my account, on January 7th, not March 31st as promised. 

So, I want to take it out of their hands and go back to paying it on my own.

I've been on the site and any reference to auto renew has disappeared. How do I cancel auto renew? Thanks.

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