• My Maternal Grandmother lived in Galicia, Austria, formerly and later Poland.  In 1908 she boarded a ship from Bremmerhaven, Germany, and arrived in the United States via Ellis Island.  She married my Grandfather, a Russian Carpenter, in Boston in 1913.  They had 6 children. She kept in touch with her family in Austria/Poland most of her life.  Life was terrible in Poland and she would send bolts of material for making clothes with money inserted between the folds, so that if the packages were inspected, the money would not be found! 

    When I graduated high school, I went to work in a bank in Boston, later to find out that she had worked there nights scrubbing the marble floors on her hands and knees!  How ironic and inspiring as to how hard all the emigrants of that time worked so hard for a better life.  They anxiously became citizens, they and their children fought in our wars, and truly patriotic.  They totally accepted and appreciated being in America, and were so grateful to be here!  She spoke English well, was so loving; made clothes, was a most wonderful cook, and inspired me to learn to cook and sew .


    I still miss her and feel so special to have known her!  Their home had acreage, a garden and orchard.  The fresh vegetables, chickens, eggs, etc. were so tasty and wonderful.  She made the best pickles, applesauce, other preserves, pies, and so many other delicious Polish influenced meals. 


    I have worked on Ancestry for about 12 years, have her parents names and area they lived, but have not had a lot of luck locating records of her, her parents and siblings. I hope to accomplish that someday soon!

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