•     I was born in a little town named Reidsville,N.C. With my Greatgrandma Fanniemay,and my Grandma MattieSue, Grandma had two brothers, I dont remember their names they passed away shortly after I was born. My Greatgrandma and Grandma and brothers were sold together to a family named "Cobb. The slaves were brought into Reidsville and sold on the "Colored Block, that was downtown Reidsville. We went with Grandma to "Stride Rite to get shoes for school wear and Church. Greatgrandma and Grandma were "Mothers of the church. Greatgrandma's job as a slave was a "Cook" , Grandmas was in tobacco,"American Tobacco Company. Everything was covenient because her job was across the street, which was Scales Street. In the front yard was the only Black School "BOOKER T WASHINGTON HIGH. You know I never knew any of this until I got older and we moved to Greensboro,NC. My family never talked about it in front of us. But when we went downtown on the "COLORED BLOCK" I would see these large rings in the tree stump, I often wondered about them as a child. I love my Family because they were hard workers and they still loved everyone inspite of. Now I am an Apostle, chosen by YAHWEH Himself. Thanks to the LORD MOST HIGH for my family.

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