• Wilbur N. Phelps


    My uncle, Wilbur N. Phelps, was born August 14, 1906 in Aliquippa, PA.  He attended Carnegie Tech (now known as Carnegie-Mellon University) during the 1930's, and was the first man of his race to receive a Bachelor of Science degree in printing at this institution.  


    However, even with this distinction, he could not find a company that would hire him.  Undeterred, he established Phelps Printing Company in his hometown, Aliquippa, PA.   Wilbur ran that business until his youngest son, Bobby, graduated from college.   Therefore, Wilbur was 78 years young when he retired his business.


    Wilbur print shop.png


    Wilbur and his wife Betty (Rose) Phelps raised 7 children on his income.  Wilbur labored over 60 years at his print shop and through determination managed to assist with putting all seven children through college.   Leading by example, Wilbur and his wife, instilled a high degree of purpose into their children's lives.  His hard work and diligence manifested through the fruits of his labor and all seven children excelled careerwise.  His committment to his family required both dedication and sacrafice.Wilbur Phelps Family.png


    Wilbur was inspiring not only to his children, but to others in all walks of life, which included John Johnson, founder of Jet and Ebony magazines.   Wilbur was instrumental in his family's life, and was also socially affiliated with the Masons (Zion Hope Lodge No. 72 F&AM) and the Quippians.


    I give KUDOS and much respect to Wilbur Phelps for being a strong role model to his family and to others that he served in the community.   Wilbur passed away June 1, 1994.    I can hear an echo proclaim, "Job well done my faithful servant"