My mom was 64 years old when she went back to school to learn to read. That was such an  mile stone for her, born in the south, one of twelve children and the middle girl she had to care for her younger sibling while her parents worked the cotton fields. School was not afforded to her so she married, had children of her own and education was just not there for her. After a divorce and many years of domestic work, she decided that she wanted to learn to read. She enrolled in a adult reading classes and there she learned for the first time to read and read well. Upon an interview she stated, "I just wanted to learn to read my Bible" GO MOM! from her children and grandchildren. Her tenacity and courage to do that, inspired  me to go back and get a college degree after being out of school for more that twenty years. Just writing about this brings tears to my eyes, because a special and great lady with such greatest will never wind up in the history books, but the thought of her just learning to read, bought joy to aging her life and to our. We celebrate her now and forever even in her death. 

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