The only person I had in my life was my Mom.  She was my dad and mom wrapped up in one soul.  I had a sperm donor, but I had to seek him out not the other way around. My mom taught me everything I needed to survive.  I thought she was a cruel soul until recently.  Turns out she was a smart and saavy woman. She didn't approach things right or well, but she purposed in her heart to succeed, and to raise children to survive.  I finally got it, when I really listened...a still small voice asked me a question from within..."What were my last words on that day so long ago?" My reply was, "Father forgive them for they know not what they do."  That still small voice asked me, "Do you really think that she, or any of you know what you have been doing without me?"  I felt as though I had been run over by a MAC truck.  I had to forgive her, and every other person in my life that I felt had wronged me.  I could not continue to drink the poison I had intended in my heart for so long toward others, that was actually poisoning me.  So here's to new beginnings, knowledge, wisdom, and understanding.  It's a beautiful gift that age brings. Mom, wherever you are...To Life!


Kristy L. Black  Denver, Colorado

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