I write this tribute to my grandmother, a strong woman who perservered through emotional and  financial hard times.  Her mother died when she was only two, so she grew up without that family bond.  An older sister took her in as a teenager, only to marry her off to an older man. Soon after several children were born, her husband went off to WWI, where mustard gas and shell shock injuries left him disabled and in military hospitals for the rest of his life.  Grandmother went on to raise her children alone, suffering the loss of one child to the 1918 flu epidemic.  Perservering through family losses, she went on to survive financial difficulties of the great depression, through seamstress skills and her own dress shop. When I got to know her in the last decade of her life, I saw a seasoned woman, yet her inner strength glowed brightly around her.

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She sounds like a wonderful and amazing woman! Thanks for sharing her story. It inspired me to post about my grandmother. Thinking about how strong and independent women like our grandmothers were inspires me and keeps me going when things get tough in my own life.


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