I am a third generation American, my Jewish grandparents came to America, after being forced out of their homes during the Pogroms against the Jews. They came to NYC. They also understood what is what like to be discriminated against, based on ethnicity. Both unfortunately and fortunatly, the Jews realized how much we shared in common with African Americans, although our melanin-enriched brethen, did not originally come to America, by choice. And so far, politicians have failed to realize (or admit), that 'white' people ARE IMMIGRANTS to America. Columbus DiD NOT Discover America. It was already Here, and Already inhabited by the earth appreciating Indigenous American Indians, whose culture and heritage were systemically destroyed by the 'Invading Europeans'.  For Shame.

     Jewish organizations arose, wrapping arms with African Americans, in observing the unfair and degrading treatment of our fellow humans. Yup, we are all the Same Race-the Human Race.

     I pay tribute to my openminded family, and am proud of my four cousins, the product of my uncle and his wonderful wife, Mariam. They grew up in a poor and colorful section of Brooklyn. I don't consider this biracial, but, biTribal. Its great.

     Where I went to school, we were aa wonderful mix of vegetable stew. All the tastier!

It would be nice to see more 'Embracing' of each others cultural differences, as opppsed to self-segragation (which occurs across the planet, from culture to culture).

     The word 'Tolerance' is horribly inadequate. "Acceptance would be better, and 'Equal Respect', followed by actual "Embracing" our different heritages, would go a long way towards learning to love and care about each other, rather than isolate.....resulting in the tumultuous endless TNT fuse that burns in too many nations across the earth, to this very day. Yet, We ARE ALL The Same Race, the human race (Homo sapiens). All the same speciesmeans we can interbreed. This is a GOOD Thing. More importantly, we should be smart enough to know, that it is whats' Inside Us, that counts the most.

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