My Grandfather my ancestor, the father of my father Francis Scalcione known as Frank by my Grandmother and others was the hero and glue of my family. His vision was to have his children go to an Ivy league school. My Grandfather frank was an illiterate man from Italy and he was able to get a job as an Iceman in Manhattan where he would carry heavy loads of ice on his back up and down tenement stairs. My Dad was the dream he had hoped would happen. My father went to Columbia University and made my Grandfather proud. He always shared his globe with me and taught me and expected me to know the Globe and the world's capitals. I remember getting mad and calling my father to make him stop. I remember my Dad coming to the rescue but boy did I miss him when we got the call in 1974 that he passed away in his sleep. I was so sad when Poppy came and told me he would always be with me to protect and guide me and that he was only allowed to come back once and only once to tell me it was all going to be ok. I felt better and have always been protected. as it turned out, the woman my father married was living a double life as a serial criminal and she had tried to hurt me many times but each time she was close to permanently destroying my spirit I seemed to have been shielded. I know it was my Poppy Frank. I am now a 17 year veteran Global studies teacher and teach the world capitals to generations of hundreds of kids and each time I pick up the globe it is a tribute to my ancestor and hero Frank Scalcione.,

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