My great great grandmother, Malinda Dockery (Homer) was 100% Cherokee from Tennessee. The family wound up in West Virginia in the 1800's. My grandmother was born in Kentucky and my mother in West Virginia. Not much was talked about the family when I was growing up. My great great grandmother married an Irishman by the last name of Dockery. From that time on she was to register in the census as a white woman. Some say she was a Cherokee princess. It is not known for sure, but I like to think it was true. I am very proud of my Heritige, same on my fathers side, 1/2 Cherokee and 1/2 Irish from Oklahoma. Throw in a mix of military Generals, sheep herders, etc..... And I am the end result! How fun is that. Went on and learned so much about my roots. Have met family I never knew existed. My grandfather was a coal miner in Eccles West Virginia. He had to leave there due to "Black Lung" which he succumbed to when I was 8. He never spoke of his family and to this day is a mystery to me. Well, that's my story!
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