My mother was born in Camaguay, Cuba. Her mother migrated to Jamaica, West Indies when she was a child. My brother and sister were born in Jamaica. She later migrated to the United States where I was born. My father left her for his mistress. Imagine a single woman alone in a strange country (1958 my birth year). She still sent money to her mother and my siblings in Jamaica. She never got to see her mother in person for fear that she would not be able to return back to the States. She was a legal alien but Cuban citizens were in fear of  Castro at that time.My grandfathers were never allowed to leave Cuba and were poisoned after my mom and grandmother left.She worked two jobs and was able to take me to see The Nutcracker and go to Radio City Music Hall during the holidays.She knew the quality of life that would count and showed me things that few get to see and learn.2005 my Mom was terminally ill. I left my airline career to take care of her at home during her last weeks. Her favorite song played from the play 'Phantom of the Opera.' My mother was unique. She had style and grace. She is still my hero.

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