My great-grandfather w(GGF) as a man of many roles, and many of those roles I've almost aspired to! Charles Washington Lane died in 1934, the year my mom was born, so she did not know him.

 At one time he had 3 careers-all at the same time!  He had a meat market.  He and my great-grandmother ran a small hotel, and he was one of the first town managers in North Carolina (Morganton 1920s).   

One of the reasons I wish I had known him is I worked for the town where he served, and the stories my grandfather told of his accomplishments were great-he negotiated purchase of a watershed which started the public water system; he oversaw installation of the municipal electric system, & even collected taxes by going to homes on Saturday!  I was the first female department head for the town.  

GGF ran for Burke County Commission & won-I ran for it however I lost.  The stories my grandfather told about his service are humorous, & tell of ways to make service happen that we can't imagine now.   

He was quite the businessman; not too financially successful because he gave a lot of food away to those less fortunate-both white & black residents.  Family oral history says his mother  said he would "give away his *** and ****out of his ribs"!

Seeing a need for a Methodist church in the part of town where he lived, he & 2 fellow Methodists started a new church, which met on his front yard until a building was secured. Our family still worships/participates there.

So these journeys Great-Grandfather Lane took are fascinating to me, & he is one ancestor I would love to have known, & learned from.

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