The inspiration to educate, build businesses, and defend our constitutional rights stem from the 120 year legacy of my Kemp family ancestors. My mother named me after a 1901 Tuskegee college graduate and his son--National N.A.A.C.P president James H. Kemp, Jr. The grand uncles were a father and son team who gave their lives to holding the life-line for others to enjoy America's freedoms. My grandmother Marjorie Angeline Kemp made a system for educating mentally challenged students of the Chicago Public School system in the 1930s. During the Great Migration of African-Americans from southern states into Chicago, the Kemp family helped millions by establishing the world's largest "Negro" settlement house--The Good Shepherd Community Center. The founding leaders of a 5,000 member Congregational Church of The Good Shepherd, my elders encouraged many families to "keep the faith" for a greater life in America. My efforts in business ownership, scholarship, and social action is inspired by their educational, social, and cultural legacies.

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