My Wish for All of You


She didn't see the glass half empty.

She didn't see the glass half full.

She saw the glass - almost always - full.


Some said she lived one step above the rainbow.

Some said she wore rose-colored glasses.

Some said she didn't live based in reality.


SHE was my mom.


On the week end of her last days in Fairmont, WV - prior to moving to Portland, OR - we sat at the family piano.


She played.

I sang.


I cried.

She smiled.


When I turned to her and asked, "Mom, how can you stay so positive through all the tragedy you have faced in your lifetime?"


"WHY aren't you sad about leaving all that you have known for 74 years?"


Without missing a beat ... she quipped, "I don't think about the leavin'. I just think about the goin'!"


So - my wish for all of you is that your leavin' is joyful,

And that your goin' is meaningful.



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