How are you staying connected while physically distancing?


I am staying connected by daily calling on the phone or texting and facebook. I have turned to read the bible daily and listening to soft gospel music for the soul. I video chat so I can see my grandbaby. I also go on AARP daily to do all the activities. God bless the USA and the whole world. -kw32519950


After many years of not being connected with my cousins (we basically live on opposite sides of the country) I proposed a Zoom meeting. We all enjoyed ourselves and are planning on making it a regular practice.

Not being able to carry on, as usual, tends to make one's mind wander and it comes up with solutions!



My family is doing a phone round robin. Each week we all contact different designated family members and take turns. It a fun way to be sure that a member of the family has been in touch with aunts cousins family friends stay connected. We then share with a nearby family member if there are any needs - food, medical care, a wellness check, etc. -MonicaG439784


We have a 3-mile walking trail that surrounds our golf course. The golf course is closed but we are still allowed to use the trail around it and stay 6 feet apart. When I started walking, no one said anything to each other. Now we wave and smile every time we see each other on the trail. I think we are genuinely glad when we see each other and that the other person is ok. -MichelleT816943


My children and I video chat every other day. I get to see not only my children but my grandchildren. My youngest grandson loves singing so we sing songs of his choice. I am with 2 of my granddaughters and they join in on the singing as well as I do. I love to see their adorable faces. -YvonneM390253


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My husband died a few years back. I have been trying to figure out how to start dating without having to do those online answer-my-psych-questions-to-match-you systems. My husband and I met through Craigslist but that doesn't exist any  more. Then Covid hit.  How are others finding their way?

Do you suppose a lot of folks are just depressed and just about at wits end.....because many of the people i once was connected with seem so distant vague and just silent....some have said "there isnt much good stuff to chat about any more ".. Iam worried...Sure hope you are doing ok and others as well.

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