How are you staying connected while physically distancing?


I am staying connected by daily calling on the phone or texting and facebook. I have turned to read the bible daily and listening to soft gospel music for the soul. I video chat so I can see my grandbaby. I also go on AARP daily to do all the activities. God bless the USA and the whole world. -kw32519950


After many years of not being connected with my cousins (we basically live on opposite sides of the country) I proposed a Zoom meeting. We all enjoyed ourselves and are planning on making it a regular practice.

Not being able to carry on, as usual, tends to make one's mind wander and it comes up with solutions!



My family is doing a phone round robin. Each week we all contact different designated family members and take turns. It a fun way to be sure that a member of the family has been in touch with aunts cousins family friends stay connected. We then share with a nearby family member if there are any needs - food, medical care, a wellness check, etc. -MonicaG439784


We have a 3-mile walking trail that surrounds our golf course. The golf course is closed but we are still allowed to use the trail around it and stay 6 feet apart. When I started walking, no one said anything to each other. Now we wave and smile every time we see each other on the trail. I think we are genuinely glad when we see each other and that the other person is ok. -MichelleT816943


My children and I video chat every other day. I get to see not only my children but my grandchildren. My youngest grandson loves singing so we sing songs of his choice. I am with 2 of my granddaughters and they join in on the singing as well as I do. I love to see their adorable faces. -YvonneM390253


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