Did you know you can now sort the AARP Rewards Earn List by frequency? Here's how:

  1. Click on the red “Filter By” box at the top of the Earn Page (https://www.aarp.org/rewards/earn/)
  2. Sort by: Recommended, Point Value and now Earn Frequency
  3. You can also add additional filters like Quizzes, Videos, etc. to find your favorite activities faster
  4. Once your options are chosen “Click Apply”


Visit the AARP Rewards Earn Page for a complete list of all activities, and join fellow community members for a chance to earn rewards and for updates.



We have to redeem earned reward points to enter sweepstakes that we may or may not win? So, in essence we are playing in a lottery. Why doesn't AARP just straight up let us redeem reward points for merchandise? I have no interest in playing in a sweepstakes where I have no idea who the winner is but can be assured it won't be me

I've been reading aarp shallow and sometimes misinformed articles every now and then for years to see if it has improved. I got an email with offer of a 'gift' with membership. I signed up because the picture of a full luggage set - which I still have - looked good and was what I needed. It turned out to be three bags precisely 1/200th the size of what was depicted. I'm through completely with aarp.

I was just thinking it seems like there are a whole lot less places to spend your acuminated points or am I wrong?

Most AARP emails I have received say "We're sorry, but this link is no longer active" after a certain period of time. What is that period of time, and which ones do this?


Trying to find a place to ask this, much less how to do it is incredibly difficult. This website needs to be redesigned and REALLY though out.

Can someone tell me?, If you win a Instant Win Card does it count against the 3 cards for points you can get each month? 

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