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rewards expiration

Please respond to the fact that we were not told that points would expire on a rolling basis until several months into the program.  i.e. after we had spent time and effort accumulating points. Points which we would not have enough things available and/or would not be allowed to spend them on. (limit 3 items with points per month)

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@sr13892711 Rewards participants were notified of the points expiration change in policy on August 5, 2020, giving them a 6-month head start (and for our first point expiration, participants received an additional 24 day grace period to use their points than originally communicated). 


A reminder email was sent on 12/3/20. 


The AARP Rewards Monthly Account Summary also provided reminders on point expiration:


The November 2020 monthly summary included the following reminder: 

Starting January 1, 2021, unused points older than 12 months will expire on a rolling monthly basis.


The December 2020 monthly statement disclosed the number of points due to expire:

You have X points expiring on Jan. 1, 2020, if they are not redeemed.

Point balances and points that will expire can be viewed and tracked via your Transaction History.

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