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imperva or incapsula is driving me insane

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imperva or incapsula is driving me insane

When I am trying to earn points by playing videos, games, etc, I am constantly forced to enter username/password/3-letter test, then go through the Imperva / Incapsula captcha check. I answer the captcha & it says it will remember me so I don't have to do it again. But of course, it doesn't.


I sincerely doubt it is a browser problem. Microsoft Edge always remembers my sessions for Amazon, Outlook, and other sites that I am logged in to. is the only problem site.

Understand that I come from an IT background & have a good idea of what is going on here.  Imperva simply needs to be configured less agressively to detect DDOS.  Obviously, there will be a lot of traffic from the same IP when there are 25+ videos/games to play to earn the days maximum points.


Imperva is driving this old guy insane!!!


Now it has gotten to the point that even correctly clicking on the bicycles or whatever is being asked for is not accepted. It is just an endless loop of captchas. WTH?

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Whole system is down for me today.  Has said come back later for over six hours and I don't know how long before that.  Anyone know what's going on?   Lots of complaints in more than one thread about malfunctions this past week.  

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Interesting post...


As someone with IT Support background just a few more than yours I have to ask if there is a VPN involved?


If not, then there is definitely issue with browser/version that should be reported to those publishers, perhaps?


If so, that would probably best be directed to the VPN provider Support KBA?


Just a few thoughts...



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Thanks for replying.  No, there is not a vpn in use, nor anything that would be considered 'gaming the system'. I have one account. Only one video, quiz or whatever is done at a time.

My wife plays the videos & does the quizzes while babysitting. Waiting about 3 or more minutes between videos seems to be making the system happy. It still kicks in at random times though.

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