my father adopted me when i was 10 years old. he saw my photograph in the book of available older children and said thats my daughter. about a year later he got his 1st bout with cancer. that was 1972-73. he died on the table and was brought back:told GOD he had a mission and that was to be my dad and that he was not going to leave me. since 1972 he has had 5 different types of cancer and 15 surgeries. came thru each with out a word of sorrow or dispair. he just got thru esophagial and liver cancer. unfortunately it is in his bones and he is terminal. this is the final round. for over 19 months with this bout of cancer he has never complained ,felt sorry for himself or become depressed. he knows he does not have long and still he is a trooper. his body and soul have had enough but it is still hard for me knowing my dad is not going to be around much longer. he is my hero and the most special person i have ever known. he picked me which is special in it's own right but i got the best part of the deal for certain. the most amazing, respected, loving, giving person i have evr known. he is more than a special dad. he was a gift to me from GOD.
















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