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  • tt51885410

    i cannot write 100 words or less about my dad. A period, denoting the end or completion will not follow the "last" word of this summary about my dad.   To begin, I am the man, the husband, the father, the son, the brother, the grandson, the cousin, the nephew, and friend because my dad has taught and is teaching me how to be.  I completed my bachleor degrees because my dad took the time to assit me with my two daugthers.  The work ethics I have came by watching my dad.  Many days he was on the job before others and the last to leave the office.  A hard and honest worker is my dad.  Dad constantly gives strong counsel to our family.  We know dad is not the patrioch upon whose shoulders we stand.  Yet, he is  one of the hands pulling us up so we can stand.  Today our family is stronger and our lives are so much better because my father is the man that leads by percepts and examples.  My dad's legacy is filled with love, mercy, giving, and unselfishness.  He is a man of priincipal and pride.  When you see my dad he seem to always have a smile, the humility he display is not weakness.  His confidence cannot be confused with arrogance.  I am so thankful to have my dad living.  He gives finance, wisdom and opportunities constantly to all of his family even the stranger.  Sharing his experiences in life has created a desire in me to want to be like him.   A man seasoned and tempered with love and mercy has caused my dad to be influenctial in the family, church, and community.  Life is great!  Dreams can be a reality. Here is a man who believes in family and friends.  No one can succeed in life by one's self.  My dad has taught us to live and learn and to strive to be the best that we can be. Your home, community, city, state, and nation is only as good as the man is in your life,and home.   

  • gb7978291

    For many many years, Michael Handy has worked Locums (temporary jobs) away from home a long way most of the time.  He is in Oregon now and has been for 2 months.  His family lives in SC. He has already this year worked in 4 states.  He is a docemotrist (works in the medcial field.  He is 62 and this is getting really hard on him but he never complains.  He does need to be thanked for his taking care of his family the best he can.  As you can imagine, he never knows when his next job is his last job at his age.  His health is good.  He takes more vitamins than anyone I know.  As I mother-in-law I respect him very much.  Geri Boring

  • cm68697417

    I know many people feel powerful about their dads, but my dad is truly my hero. Never has there been a more selfless man. He is 84-years young and lives with me now in my little condo, but he has amazing fortitude, faith, care, kindness and intelligence that is second to none. I have four siblings; My two brothers are now deceased, the oldest dying from Leukemia at 26-years old, and my second oldest brother dying at 19-years old from Cardiomyopathy. My two sisters have chosen to lead different paths and no longer keep touch with the very person that gave them every possible tool to understand where love really reigns. My mother has been deceased since 1992, but my dad has never stopped believing in right, in doing for others, in leading by example, in loving through agreement and disagreement. He worked over 40-years in the auto factories, he rarely if ever took a sick day and to my recollection had gone on vacation a whopping four times; counting from his childhood. If he was laid-off from work he found more work, when each of my brothers became seriously ill he found two and three jobs, and when my mother died he was the only one still giving. He isn't a hero to others, he isn't a hero because you would recognize his name, he is a hero because he never gives up, he never gives in, he serves others quietly, and he has a backbone of faith and determination that has forever impacted my life, my children's lives, and those that know and love him. I think my dad is the most amazing super hero that has ever graced our world.

  • barbwood
    My husband is the hardest working guy I know. He works 16 hour shifts constantly. I do not work due to health reasons so he is sole provider. We have 2 great kids, one that he is trying to work work work to put through college. He never has time for himself. Not only does he work long shifts to take care of his family but he also takes care of my elderly mom that's in a wheel chair making time to take her to dr appts and is always there for my parents when needed. Not to mention he's a great friend to people they call he's there. He deserves a break!
  • deanmd

    My father married my mom, who already had 2 boys from a previous marriage.  Then adopted my brother and I , and officially became our "father".  My parents added three more children to our family. Never did my father treat us as "step children, or my wife's boys" etc.  In fact my younger siblings didnt even know my brother and I were adopted until I was an adult.  It wasnt something hidden, it just wasnt an issue.  My dad never made the headline news for doing something outstanding or spectacular. But he was and still is outstanding and spectacular every day.  He was the bread winner, care giver, supporting what ever it was that was so important to us at the time.  He taught me life"s valuable lessons of responsibility, honesty, hard work, loyalty and unconditional love.  All five of his children grown adults with families of their own.  All trying to be half the example of my father, as we are fathers. I would love to honor and recognize what an incredible man my father is. 

  • rj4525

    My father was the greatest father a person could know and he will be forever lost in our hearts

  • eh9719
    Hi with the help of my mommy I am writing this about my father. His name is Dave he not my real dad. But he been with me since I was 4. Now I am almost 7 he always there for me he. Dave has help me with school work how to ride my bike. He works long hours but always makes time to play video games with me. He told me he alway be there me and gone to my music shows and he might be my blood father but to me he is my father he loves me like his own when he didn't have to he calls me his son when talks about me and is proud to be my dad. I wish everyone had a Dave like I have.
  • lmw143
    My dad died and as lied there dying I told him that I was so sorry for everything I ever did wrong and look up to me and smiled he could not talk he had a stroke and that was my best friend I was his baby girl then he was gone. But he will always be my earthly father with my love l will always love you Happy Father's day to all the dad's 💖
  • woodchuck10

    dad should be waited on hand and food with his favorite dinner

  • eh9719
    Hi with the help of my mommy I am writing this about my father. His name is Dave he not my real dad. But he been with me since I was 4. Now I am almost 7 he always there for me he. Dave has help me with school work how to ride my bike. He works long hours but always makes time to play video games with me. He told me he alway be there me and gone to my music shows and he might be my blood father but to me he is my father he loves me like his own when he didn't have to he calls me his son when talks about me and is proud to be my dad. I wish everyone had a Dave like I have.
  • tl4436


    I bet he didn't know he would love me, but he did from the start. 

    I bet he didn't know I could sing, but he was always willing to listen. 

    I bet he didn't know I would have opinions, but he was always willing to hear my side.

    I bet he didn't know I would die several times, but he was right there when I woke.

    I bet he didn't know that I would have an addiction problem, but he loved me anyway.

    I bet he didn't know that my broken heart could not be healed, but he sure gave it his all.

    I bet he didn't think I noticed how much he invested in everyone around him, but I did.

    I bet he never imagined he could have a heart to big to thank, but maybe he does now.  




  • Jessicarod87
    Well this is going to easy! My father deserves a break and much more because he's not only been a father but also a mother to me. My mother died when I was little from Cancer and since then not once has my dad ever left my side!. He's been the best father and mother anyone can ever ask for. While growing up he has been through it all with me from the good times to the bad times to the times I drove him bananas. My father has never stopped working a day in his life just so he can be able to provide for the both of us, he has always put me first over anyone and anything. He is my protector, my father, and my best friend. I love him to the moon and back! I wish I could win the lottery and give him all he needs so he can finally stop working and take a real break! So If anyone deserves a break its him. My hero Smiley Happy
  • de25009545

    My father passed away in 1985, but the values he instilled in me still with me.  In the late 1960's, he held the position of Exalted Ruler at the Elk's club in Jackson, Michigan.  At the time, the Elk's club was whites only.  As Exalted Ruler, my father sponsored the first black family to be members of the Elk's.  He lost a couple of friends because of what he did, but he made many other friends at the same time.  When you see a Black, Hispanic, Asian, or other nationality in an Elk's club, it is my father and others who made that possible by putting themselves on the line and taking risk for change to happen.   I am still very proud of him, and very proud of what he did.


    Happy Father's Day, Dad

  • sl9779

    I believe my dad deserves a break because he has been through so much. His hard life started at the tender age of 3 when both of his parents died in a car accident. His grandmother took him and his siblings in til she passed away when my dad was 13. From there it was a beautiful life when he met my mother when he was 22. They were together for 52 yrs when he found her in their bedroom expired from a massive heart attack which made him have a stroke that made his brain bleed and fluid to excrete into his brain. He had to get a shunt put in his brain to continuously drain the fluid to his stomache. A few months later his sister died in a nursing home from abuse which caused a second stroke resulting in more bleeding in the brain and damage. 

    He has struggled through all these horrible times yet never giving up. He is now 83 yrs old, alive and kicking. I'm so proud of him! He taught himself how to read and do math. He was the electrician in the White House when Reagan was in office. He never abused drugs or alcohol. He has never been arrested. He has never been abusive. He has only been a great teacher and example of what a father should be. Even though his life was a struggle, he has always pushed through and made a good life for me, my sister and mother. I think he deserves recognition for that!! 

  • jh23647284

    My dad, 88, is an Army veteran and although never went to war, deserves an award for being the hardest working Best Dad Ever.  He worked three jobs for most of his life. He was a farmer and school bus driver for 44+ years and also had a hauling business where he would deliver sand, gravel, and crushed stone after getting out of the fields.

  • ao9147
  • rc9577

    He taught me how to play.

  • Stepfordwife

    My Dad is a vetern , a small business owner, and works two full time jobs, as well as working his own farm. He also finds time to be a loving caring husband and Dad to nine children, all with one woman, his wife, my mother.

    He is a hard worker and is a great Dad.

  • ka39163015
    All dads doing the dad thing deserve a break because there aren't tomany doing that today good for you dads
  • harlinda

    I was abandoned by my family and after many days of starvation, I collapsed and laid in the middle of a street. A car approached and since I could not move, the car stopped a few feet away. A man, Harlin got out and picked me up. I had no identification and when he showed me to other people on the street, no one knew me.. He placed me on his wife, Linda's lap, and drove down to their home. She noticed fleas as she got out. Harlin took me quickly into their bathroom and poured tea tree oil and Skin -so -soft over my body. It helped to incapacitate the fleas and soothe my sore skin. They both had flea combs and removed almost 200 of them. Although they had 3 cats and a dog already and were going to retire the next year and move across the country to Las Vegas, he told his wife that they could keep me. In a couple weeks I regained 2 pounds to get back to a healthy 11lbs..He brought me to the vet and introduced me as "Lucky Dog". It turned out that I was already about 5 years old and had at least 1 litter and since I was not fixed, that I was being used for breeding. I now reside on a quiet cul-de-sac, near a nice park jusy a few miles from The Strip. All the local kids love to meet me and rub my belly, they love to see me the Lucky Dog. Thank you, Harlin