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My dad, my hero!

My dad deserves a break because:
My mother was diagnosed with cancer in 2006. My dad was there for her through all of her chemo treatments and the after-effects of the chemo. They celebrated together when she was told she was cancer free and he was there for each of her checkups for the next 5 years to see if she remained cancer free. They then had just 2 years to enjoy her cancer free life before the bad news hit again. This time instead of a return of cancer it was the heartbreaking grip of the memory-stealing spectre of Alzheimers that began stealing their life away. Almost 7 years exactly from the day she was declared cancer-free, my mom was diagnosed with Alzheimers. Since her diagnoses he has been there for her 24/7. He has taken on many new tasks for him, ones that mom had always done. So, on top of taking on cooking meals and doing laundry, he has had to take on the task of guiding mom through a life that she is forgetting. In addition to all that he has taken on with mom, my 84-year-old father still mows the lawn, weeds the garden and flower beds and works on keeping the house in good repair. I try to be there as much as I can to help, but just can't be there as much as I want to be. But dad is always there, which is why he is my hero and why he deserves a break. Thank you dad and I LOVE YOU.
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