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  • Debbiey59

    My dad was very good about playing with us even when he didn't feel up to it,and making use childern clean our rooms but that was dad. I remember so many things about him but the thing I remember most was when daa told me that he loved me some much and would buy all the kids Ice cream. He is gone now but still I miss him now but still I wish him a Happy Father's Day with love.

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  • BrightEyes1222

    I used to follow my dad around a lot as a little girl.  Watching him repair and build things around the house.  Handing him tools as he did the repairs and fetching anything that he needed, including snacks. Smiley Happy  At the time I didn't know this but spending this time with my dad I was learning valuable intel that I would use to save me thousand and thousand of dollars!  #qualitytimewithdad #happyfathersday #Ilovemydad #homerepairs

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