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  • pj2846

    My Dad has worked hard all of his life and he should be retired, but he is still working.  He just won't slow down. I think he is scared in his own way because all of his friends and family member's around him are passing.  He hear's people say that if you slow down that's its, life is over and will get you, and I think that scares him.


    He is so precious to me I want him to enjoy his life, but he just feels like he has to keep working, I guess that's the difference of his generation and mine, he was brought up to work and take care of his family and I was brought up to take care and also take time to enjoy my family. Don't get me wrong Dad did enjoy his family he always did something for each one of his kids, my oldest brother got a old falcon and my Dad help him fix it up and they painted it and made it a really cool car back in the 70's . He bought other brothers little motorcycles to ride around in the yard like the  50 cc kind.


    The Biggest Thing he done for me that changed my Life was he bought me a horse, every little girls dream.  He taught me how to Barrel Race and in 1981 I got my name in the Quarter Horse Journal and won All Girl Contest of the Year. That changed my life forever and I can never repay my Dad for all of that, for all the countless times he took me to practice and all the horse shows we went to all around the state. Dad work so hard back then so I could have horses and show them.  So I Believe with All My Heart My Dad Deserves a Break !  He has worked so hard all of his life and he's still working hard to make his wife and family Happy, He does what he can to help his family and I don't know what we are going to do without him when the lord calls him home. Heart





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