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  • dl9037

    Born in 1927, my father and his family survived the depression by everyone living on a farm and all working together. At sixteen years of age, he was too young to enlist during WWII, so he joined the merchant marines and traveled around the world. Upon turning eighteen, my father enlisted in the Army and was shipped to Japan. He served in General McArthur's Honor Guard, was in Korea at Chosin when he earned two Purple Hearts in 1951 and 1953, went to CIC school for reconnaissance, which he served in until he retired after 22 years service.

    Then my father went to college, got a degree and worked for a major restaurant chain as manager, area manager and district manager. Later after leaving the restaurant business he worked for a newspaper, became an assistant circulation manager.

    All his life my father has worked hard, saved money, being able to support himself, his family, and still live on at 89 years old. I admire his work ethics and determination to be self sufficient.

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