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  • cm68697417

    I know many people feel powerful about their dads, but my dad is truly my hero. Never has there been a more selfless man. He is 84-years young and lives with me now in my little condo, but he has amazing fortitude, faith, care, kindness and intelligence that is second to none. I have four siblings; My two brothers are now deceased, the oldest dying from Leukemia at 26-years old, and my second oldest brother dying at 19-years old from Cardiomyopathy. My two sisters have chosen to lead different paths and no longer keep touch with the very person that gave them every possible tool to understand where love really reigns. My mother has been deceased since 1992, but my dad has never stopped believing in right, in doing for others, in leading by example, in loving through agreement and disagreement. He worked over 40-years in the auto factories, he rarely if ever took a sick day and to my recollection had gone on vacation a whopping four times; counting from his childhood. If he was laid-off from work he found more work, when each of my brothers became seriously ill he found two and three jobs, and when my mother died he was the only one still giving. He isn't a hero to others, he isn't a hero because you would recognize his name, he is a hero because he never gives up, he never gives in, he serves others quietly, and he has a backbone of faith and determination that has forever impacted my life, my children's lives, and those that know and love him. I think my dad is the most amazing super hero that has ever graced our world.

  • lk45138888

    My Dad is raising 6 kids, ages 16 down to 3, alone. It's just the way it worked out. He tries to be everything for us: coming to school events, taking and picking us up from school, being sure our homework is done and finding time to rough-house, go to the park too or just listen. He works nights to be a part of our daytime.The job he has is a strenuous walking job outside - regardless of conditions. He carries a 40 pound pack doing air cleaning of parking lots. He has to use a mask because he walks in a cloud of dust. He also walks in pain. His feet have bones in the top of his feet that are positioned wrong. This is because his achilles tendons are too short and pulled his heel up when walking. He had surgery to lengthen them but the tendon is still too short and the damage to bones already done. Now the bones are misaligned and press joint against joint in the wrong position. The doctors say there really isn't anything permanent to change or better the problem. Jobs are hard to find where we live, and Dad was out of work for a long time. He needs to keep this job; so he walks in pain almost every night for miles on his job. He wants to be with us during the day so he sleeps in the early morning when he gets home and then naps a bit after dinner before going to work. He is always tired, but always has a smile and hug for us kids. He does this for all of us. I would be so happy if Dad won this prize. He could buy new clothes or shoes. Thank you for letting me tell you about my Dad.

  • tp1364

    I believe my husband Marion but lovingly known by family as Pete deserves this award is that he has çontributed so much in life and asks for so little. He immigrated from Poland with his parents and siblings after being interred in a work camp during WW2. After being liberated by the Americans, they decided to restart their life in the US after getting sponsored. First starting off in North Carolina but later making a home in Buffalo,NY. Wanting to give back to his country, my husband who I have been married to for 53 years and share an August 15 birthday with served during the Korean War where he was stationed in Japan where he was an Army Ranger. Afterwards he spent time protecting dignitaries as part of the Honor Guard. After his discharge, we married and had our son 3 years later who was born during our year in California before moving back to our hometown of Buffalo,NY. After his retirement as a machinist due to disability, he now spends his time making his late mother's homemade cabbage recipe for family and friends and likes to bet on the occasional horse race. He loves being "Uncle Pete" to baby sit his many nieces,nephews, and godchildren. He truly is a special man. Thank you for your consideration and a Happy Father's Day to you and all the entrants.

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  • tr7109

          my dad is the best dad in the whole world. He has his faults and every man makes mistakes. Every since Ive been here on earth hes worked there wasnt a time hedidnt. he tried to retire but he went back he couldnt bare the feeling of being at home doing nothing. when i was a young woman i had gotten pregnant but he was so furious with me for my mistake, but in the mist of that my mom and dad took care of her from the age of four and now shes eighteen and on her way to college. so I commend my dad for being that special dad to me and my daughter. she has a father that birth her but my dad was a  daddy to her.

           there has been times that i got upset with him for things thst were said and done but i think aboutwhathes said in the past about men,sex,relationships,marriage i love him for that

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