From ‘liquid biopsies’ to precision medicine, these five developments will change cancer care in the next decade. Learn more.

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    My dad is the best dad ever! Although my dad works two jobs - he always has time for me! My dad works really hard to provide our family with a safe place to live and enables me to participate in school activities. I am in band, student council, girl scouts, and renaissence. My dad is never too tired to help with homework, girl scout projects, or helping me build projects. He has taught me a girl can be smart & beautiful! I am a strong, independent, 17 year old who is lucky to have a kind, strong, loving father who is always there for her. I would love to be able to help my dad win this contest and give him a special time that he so deserves. Please pick my dad to be your winner! He really deserves a breakSmiley Happy


    IMG_2751.JPGMy dad making popcorn for my birthdaySmiley Happy100_0020.JPGTeaching me a lifeskill!101_0519.JPGMy mom and I bought my dad this jacket - telling him he is #1 in our lives.


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