When I first met my x-husband he was 10 years older than me and career oriented and didn't want kids. His parents used to tell me how upset they were because the name Gear would end. I ended up getting pregnant while taking antibiotics which was a surprise to me as well. He traveled a lot and was in Germany at the time. I struggled on how to tell him since I knew his feelings. I told him over the phone while he was gone. He didn't say much but 2 days later I got roses and a card saying everything will be okay. Since that time he has changed into another man. A better man and wanted another child so he has 2 sons 13 and 15 now. His parents are proud. And I am proud of the man he has become. Those boys are his life. He started working from home, stopped traveling, coaches their soccer teams. They are the love of his life, that he never knew he would get to experience. We are divorced but I let the boys go with him because he could provide a better life than me. I had been battling mental illness secretly and when I couldn't any more he took the boys because I didn't want them to know me as disabled. He lives on NC and I live in FL and am planning to visit this month. He deserves the best dad award for sure.
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