Since I became disabled a year ago my 80 year father has taken over paying my mortgage, my car payment and insurance. He lives on social security but helps me in every way he can to get the help I need. Putting aside his needs for mine. I pay what I can to maintain the utilities and other necessities to keep the household going. He doesn't travel as much to see me as he is getting older and becoming more and more forgetful with age and gets fearful of driving to far from home. We talk almost every day and his words of wisdom are to "keep doing what you need to do". He never fails to say I Love You at the end of our conversations. I am so grateful to have him in my life, and even though we may get frustrated with one another at times, I wouldn't trade the relationship I have with my Daddy for anything in the world. He is last of his family still living. He has buried his brothers, sister and mother and father. I pray that he will live a long life because he is all I have left in the world. He is my Wonderful Daddy and certainly deserves a break!
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