I am writing about my husband, the father of our three grown children.  As a farmer and rancher the kid's dad missed out on a lot of the sporting, cheerleading and other school events as he felt he needed to be in the field to attempt to make a better living for his family.  Now as a Grandfather to five wonderful grandchildren, he make a point of making sure one of our son's who has two children attends as many events they are involved in as possible.  He so wishes he could turn back time and been able to attend our children's events.  He knows he missed so many of those "once in a lifetime" children events but, he felt he was doing what was necessary by working late to support his family.  He has instilled in our two children who have their own children that if it VERY important they as parents be at as many of their children' s events as possible.  Also, as a Grandfather he now too attends as many of our grandchildren's events as possible.  He fully knows you cannot get back what you missed in the past but, you can certainly try to make changes for the future.  Not only is John a wonderful father and grandfather, he is a very kind, caring and loving husband of soon to be 40 years of marriage. As he states, "life is short, make sure you make the most of it and enjoy your family, there is nothing more precious."  

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