Our dad will be 82 years old this month. He was married to our mom for 60 years until her passing in October 2015. When mama was diagnosed with Alzheimers about 24 years ago it devastated the family. Mama is the one who kept us informed of all the family news. She was the one who always sent birtday and Christmas greetings.

When mama couldn't send birthday cards dad picked up the task. We were surprised. He knows our birthdays but he would always sign the card mom that picked up and that was it.

The greeting cards we have received these past 24 years have been thoughtful, insightful and timely. He makes sure family members get their own Christmas card including a dept. store gift card.

I just want my dad to know that I am thankful for his thoughtfulness and efforts for "picking up the baton" keeping our family together during mom's illness.

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