My dad is 86 years young and still works full time.  Every morning he gets up at 7am, so he can work out before he goes to his place of business.  He is a natty dresser, with his shiny loafers and freshly pressed button down shirt, to his creased trousers and handkercheif in his back pocket.  He shows up at 9am and greats everyone with a cheerful hello.  On Tuesdays, he stops and picks up breakfast burritos for everyone.  He is the president of his company, but you wouldn't know it by his humble attitude and the fair way he treats everyone. My dad carries his work ethics over to his personal life.  He never wants to be a burden to anyone and is always helping out financially and with emotional support.  There is no better person than my dad.   Happy father's day and may my dad live forever.

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