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My dad is 81 years old and in the last year he has gone through five hip replacement surgeries on the same hip, and finally with persistence, faith and an iron will he is midway through his final step toward recovery- physical rehabilitation. The orthopedic doctor and his epidemiologist were beyond amazed at his stamina but my dad was in stellar health prior to his surgery because of a commitment he made forty years ago to quit smoking and lose weight so that he could live and enjoy life with the love of his life. From that time he has never faltered, eating an impeccably healthy diet and exercising six days a week, several hours a day to get fit! He walks with his wife every morning, does lengthy stretching exercises and then strength training and cardio, to keep in tip-top shape! That turns out to be a blessing because this regimen is what carried him through the ghastly trauma of five surgeries! He's on the mend now and so happy to be up and about and he can't wait to cut his grass and tend his yard. Through the years he and his special love have traveled on vacations centered around activity: hiking, bicycling, and sight-seeing in cities around the country and the world. My dad epitomizes the active life of the aging person today who is happiest when he's active physically, mentally and spiritually. I only wish I could have half the vigor, discipline, and joy for life he displays! He could be the poster person for the slogan, "Eighty is the new sixty!" After a year of physical suffering and the added loss of his step-son, a young man he helped raise for 33 years, my father still carries on with a positive and grateful attitude for life. For him, each day is a gift! Whether it's filled with the most mundane of activities or a trip to Greece he's planning for when he's thoroughly healed. . .its a day my dad is looking forward to enjoying!

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