I was abandoned by my family and after many days of starvation, I collapsed and laid in the middle of a street. A car approached and since I could not move, the car stopped a few feet away. A man, Harlin got out and picked me up. I had no identification and when he showed me to other people on the street, no one knew me.. He placed me on his wife, Linda's lap, and drove down to their home. She noticed fleas as she got out. Harlin took me quickly into their bathroom and poured tea tree oil and Skin -so -soft over my body. It helped to incapacitate the fleas and soothe my sore skin. They both had flea combs and removed almost 200 of them. Although they had 3 cats and a dog already and were going to retire the next year and move across the country to Las Vegas, he told his wife that they could keep me. In a couple weeks I regained 2 pounds to get back to a healthy 11lbs..He brought me to the vet and introduced me as "Lucky Dog". It turned out that I was already about 5 years old and had at least 1 litter and since I was not fixed, that I was being used for breeding. I now reside on a quiet cul-de-sac, near a nice park jusy a few miles from The Strip. All the local kids love to meet me and rub my belly, they love to see me the Lucky Dog. Thank you, Harlin

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