I just want to give a shout out for my 73 year old father.  In early April he had neck surgery to repair some fused vertebrae and keep him from becoming paralyzed. We knew it was going to be a long road for a man who never stops, hates being down and also has had many heart surgeries and doesn't handle surgeries or pain meds well. Other than the pain he came out of it pretty well until he went to the nursing home for rehab. Sometime into the second week we noticed a large bruise on his left leg and hip. He complained that he was in pain, didn't feel good and wanted to go home. We thought he had just become cranky. Then he mentioned that 2 of the ladies helping him shower, dropped him. We were very upset. By this time he had shut down, wouldn't talk, could not move his left leg and was running a high fever. Once we convinced them he wasn't "playing" sick the did blood work and other tests and he was rushed to the hospital. He spent 2 weeks there having blood transfusions. He had become septic and was bleeding internally in his left leg. His neck surgery turned out great but now he cannot move his left leg and is still continuing therapy on that. He cannot get up and down without help and we miss our father and our mother misses her husband. Two different doctors told us that the damage had to be from him being dropped or allowed to fall. Now he still doesn't talk or joke, he barely remembers anything and is just not the same. He's trying hard to do his leg therapy but just no longer has  toughness. So dad, even though you may one day read this, or have it read to you, chances are you'll forget it a few minutes later. That doesn't mean we have forgotten everything you've done for us. We will all be with you on Father's Day, even if you can't enjoy it or remember it, we will for you. 


Love you Grumpy!!!

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