My father married my mother when they were 16 years old.  They had me a year later in 1950.  As everyone knows that is this age, things were a little more simpler  but hard at that time.  He started working when he was 15 years old.  He is now 83 years old and is still  "working" at being the senior pastor at a church in Nashville.  He started preaching when he was 19.  He worked a full time job and worked at being the pastor full time.  As the family grew with 3 more kids, we did not know at that time that daddy was working full time, part time, odd jobs and full time pastor.  We did not have a lot of material goods, but we were very rich in love from our mama and our daddy.  As he got older he was able to give up the odd jobs and part time jobs to spend more time at the church.  At that time he was not paid a penny for all the work he did at the church, but he loved it.  He still does and has always trusted the Lord to give us what we needed, and you know what?  He was right.  All we needed and need to this day is love of our family and ourGod.  My father does deserve a break for all the labor he has done to support his family and his Lord.  

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