The past ten years for Dad (who's 87 years young) have taken its toll. He is a stomach cancer survivor (they took out 70% of his stomach) as well as a hospice survivor! Doctors didn't realize how much this wiry old Navy veteran had to left to do! Not only has he been a deacon in his church for ages, he's also the first person to step up and do whatever he can for neighbors, family, and friends. If he goes somewhere, he'll say, "Oh, so-and-so would like this! Let me get him a few..." or "Mama needs this..." His favorite thing? Making a home-made pineapple upside-down cake in his mother's circa 1930 cast iron skillet. That's what he's known for.


Along the way, though, he's become the emotional support for Mom (85), who is now suffering from dementia. She's nearing end-stage, now, so things get very difficult for him as he endeavors to work with her realities. She also has some physical disabilities to contend with, and his own ability is beginning to wane. Nonetheless, he carries on, determined that they are okay on their own. He still calls her his "Sugar Baby." (They were married in 1948, when she was only 17!)  If anyone needs a break--he does. If we were to win the $100, I would want him to take it and just spend it as he wants. My guess? He'll buy things for others or, at the very least, more ingredients to make his favorite cake.

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