My dad is the best. My father loves people. He serve as a minister and spends all his spare time preaching and being a shiny example to others. He's gone thru 2 battles of cancer with Gods help! He won both. At one time in my life, my father was incarcerated. I remember him telling me that things are going to be alright. I as the eldest child and I saw him do so. He combed my hair and braided it when I was in 4th grade. He made my lunch and got us off to school. As the years went on he made a garden, cooked our dinner and made sure we were safe in every way. I'm the eldest of 8 children, and 5 adopted children. All are now adults and taking care of themselves.
Today my father has Alzheimer's! This past year for him has been difficult. He became so ill he was close to death. He learned to walk, shave, and feed himself again, he is 86 years old. I don't have the words to express how thankful I am that he is my father. He deserves a break...

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